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Replacing Pandora with Mandora.

Founder Scott McNiece is an active constituent of both the music scene and the dining scene, a seasoned drummer who has written, performed, and recorded with near a dozen bands over the last decade, while subsidizing his outrageous lifestyle with front-of-house jobs in various restaurants.  After 2 years of curating exclusively for Hogsalt Hospitality in Chicago (Gilt Bar, Curio, Maude’s Liquor Bar, Doughnut Vault, Au Cheval Diner, Bavette’s Bar & Boeuf), he launched ​Uncanned Music™ in 2012.

Cocktail pubs via Indie Rock pub.

Journalism, hospitality, and flat-out music obsession found a common summit for Joe Darling and Uncanned Music™. Former web publicity propagandhist for the classic Chicago imprint, Touch and Go / Quarterstick Records, Darling waded through freelance writing, concert booking, and restaurant work before witnessing the convergence of hospitality, classic cocktail, Danish beer, and thoughtful music curation at Chicago hallmarks Curio and Au Cheval. Darling began contributing to Uncanned Music™ in 2012 and has found tender mercies splitting time between the bar and the studio ever since. In the fall of 2013, he signed on to become an operating partner in the further development of ambiance for hospitality.

Systems, Strategy, Schematics.

David Allen handles both taste and technical duties for Uncanned Music™, contributing expertise and experience as a musician, DJ, and sound engineer. Allen’s presence in the Uncanned family began in the formative days, but wasn’t till October of 2013 that he moved his studio base from Carbondale IL to Chicago IL and took on a full-time role in the company. Concurrent with daily operations in Uncanned, he maintains activity as a bassist (with The JewelsRob Jacobs), recording engineer (Ski House MediaObservatory Studios), and touring FOH sound caresser (for Tweak Bird).

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